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April 2021 Update: At the moment we're not selling vanilla.  We do not anticipate starting again before September 2021. We're very sorry to disappoint our loyal customers.


We've supplied gourmet vanilla since 2001 when we started packing our luscious Indian vanilla pods in vacuum packs. We've supplied top restaurants, chefs, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, beekeepers, jam makers, brewers, distillers .... anyone who appreciates top quality vanilla.


Maggy set up Gourmet Vanilla to market Indian vanilla when her father John was working on the first project to grow vanilla in South India. Our first hand knowledge and experience of growing and producing top quality vanilla is shared on this website.

Our signature pack of luscious dark brown gourmet vanilla pods. About 30 vanilla pods in a vacuum pack.

Our vanilla pods  keep for up to two years in  their vacuum packs

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Maggy Dean

Vanilla pods with seeds